Make sure your installation is hassle-free

ETS has gained extensive implementation and configuration experience from working on many projects within South Africa and the other African countries. ETS has a tried and tested methodology for carrying out implementation work, and will complete the service based on industry standard best practices. Our goal is to provide high-quality product installations by using standards and methodologies to ensure consistent, efficient and supportable delivery. We also partner with Value Added Resellers to install and configure infrastructure and software.

Installation Service

The installation service is for customers who require the installation of hardware and / or Software that has been purchased from Oracle, ETS or a partner.

This service can be completed at the customers premises or at a designated datacenter.

ETS uses checklists from the Oracle Enterprise Installation Standards (EIS)  and the pre-installation questionnaire, to provide the following services:

Hardware Installation

  • Physical hardware installation into a datacentre rack

  • Documentation of the install

  • Acclimatization of the equipment

  • Grounding of the equipment

  • Cable labelling and routing verification

  • System Network, Storage and Virtualization Configuration

  • Firmware and Operating System patching

  • Configure Automatic Service Requests (ASR) on Oracle supported hardware

Software Installation

  • Standard Oracle Operating Systems (Oracle Linux / Solaris)

  • Oracle Operating System Virtualization

  • Oracle verification installation

Configuration service

Once the Hardware and Software installation is completed and the custom configurations are agreed upon, these are documented in the detail design document.

The advanced configuration is a customised service, and can include any of the following:

  • Installing and configuring additional virtual machines

  • Installing and configuring additional Oracle Database homes / Oracle Database versions

  • Set-up of backups and/or backup scripts

  • Configuring additional networks, including VLANs

  • Disaster recovery setup, configuration and testing

  • Installation and configuration of Oracle Enterprise Manager

Key Features

The key features of this service are:

  • Provide our customers with peace of mind that the installation and configuration is delivered as requested.

  • Eliminate delays in provisioning systems.

  • At each stage of the installation a set of functional tests are performed and documented to enable the easy hand over to customers.

  • Standard installations following EIS standards are a repeatable and well documented process, to cover most eventualities.

  • As an Oracle accredited Installation Partner, our engineers are trained and certified in most Oracle products.

Key Business Benefit

ETS’ certified Engineers will ensure the infrastructure is setup correctly by utilizing industry best practices, and their vast experience.

  • Right skill for right task

  • Eliminate repeating tasks

  • Setup correct ensures quick deployment

  • Fully documented

Service Deliverables

The deliverables of this service are:

  • Design Document as a prerequisite for the installation.

  • Documented functional tests results demonstrate that the system is working,

  • An As built document which is used for hands-on transfer of information to enable customer system administrators to take over effectively.

Customer References

ETS can provide references from Financial Services, Health, Transportation, Government and other companies and institutions where Install and Config services have been successfully implemented.