Architect IT Systems using experience and best practices.

ETS have certified specialists who are highly experienced in designing and planning both simple and complex architectures. A well architecture system is a critical foundation to all business applications.

The Goal

The goal is to use industry standards, best practices and experience to ensure a consistent, efficient, supportable and high-quality architecture. Some of the design goals are:

  • Architect utilizing IT strategy and approach that will best support long-term business plans and goals.

  • Provide a scalable and stable architecture.

    • Future proof the design implementation.

Detailed Design Service

This service is performed only by Principle engineers to ensure to all subject areas are covered using their wealth of experience.

  • Project workshop to gather requirements – typically 3 and 5 days.

  • Requirements Analysis to produce a detailed design document utilizing best practices and experience.

  • Planning and Design workshop as a whiteboard session.

  • Including all key IT stakeholders (systems, application, network, storage) and IT decision makers.

  • The design is done as an iterative process to cover all required areas.

  • Assumptions, Risks, and Dependencies are documented.

  • Document is then presented for final approval by key IT stakeholders.

Key Features

  • The Principle engineer assigned has previous experience.

  • The complete environment is taken into consideration

      • Physical requirements (Datacentre floor space, power, cooling).
      • Network configurations.
      • Storage layout configurations.
      • Oracle database grid infrastructure and virtual IP configurations.
      • Configurations for backups.
      • Virtualization (storage, network, operating system).
  • High Availability considerations.

  • Disaster Recover considerations.

  • Backup and Recovery considerations.

Key Business Benefit

  • The design will ensure significant cost savings, as repeat activities are limited.

  • Business will understand what is expected from their team and environment. This ensures the project only starts once the correct prerequisites are in place.

Service Deliverables

The IT Systems Architecture service delivers the following key documents:

  • Requirements Analysis document.

  • Detailed Architectural design document.

Customer References

ETS can provide references from Financial Services, Health, Transportation, Government and other companies and institutions where similar Architectural services have been successfully used.