A Remote DBA as part of your team.

Your company stores its most important information in a database. Databases are vital to your business as they store customer details, business transactions and inventory records.

Company data must be stored securely and enable efficient retrieval to business users. This requires expensive human Database Administrators to manage and maintain the databases.

ETS can not only provide remote Database Administrators (DBA) as an extension to your team, but also remote monitoring of your Oracle databases.

We ensure guaranteed availability of Remote Oracle DBA services for all your critical databases.

Remote DBA Offering

ETS provides a comprehensive remote DBA service offering for your company’s Oracle databases to help you meet Service Level Agreements.

The Remote DBA Service provides:

  • DBA support for your databases are supported by a highly experienced and certified team.

  • Proactive database monitoring & reporting.

  • Regular database maintenance.

  • Backup and recovery.

  • Fast analysis and solution resolution.

  • Performance optimization.

  • Subscribe only to those DBA services you require.

  • Real-time 24/7 support. Get response in SLA minimal time.

Our team can provide:

  • Oracle Dataguard installation and configuration.

  • Oracle SQL Tuning to improve Application performance.

  • Oracle RAC and Exadata support.

  • Linux and Unix skills.

  • Database backup / restore

  • Architectural detailed designs.

We Offer

9am–5pm, Mon-Fri

  • Database Support & maintenance

  • 10 hours per month (Extra DBA hours can be added at any time. These hours can be utilized for Patching, Database patching, Configuration setup, etc.)

  • Comprehensive initial health check exercise.

  • Service levels guaranteed by SLA.

  • Dedicated Account Manager.

8am–6pm, Mon-Fri

  • Standard Plus.

  • 30 hours per month (Included anytime extra Application Administration man hours (Can be utilized for Patching, Bounce, Config setup, etc.)

  • Out-of-hours scheduled maintenance.

  • Proactive Oracle CPU & Security Patching.


  • Enhanced Plus.

  • 100 hours per month (Included anytime extra Application Administration man hours (Can be utilized for Patching, Bounce, Config setup, etc.)

  • Customized setup & configuration.

  • Product migration support & consulting.

Remote Monitoring Offering

The monitoring of the Oracle databases is key to providing maximum availability to your business.

Key Business Benefit

  • Increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity.

  • Reduce or eliminate your need to hire, train, manage and terminate employees.

  • Upskill key employees for more advanced revenue generating responsibilities.

  • No agency fees as with temporary employees.

Key Features

  • Highly skilled and certified team – Account management for service delivery.

  • Utilizing Oracle Best Practices.

  • All services are documented.

  • Service type can be customized to match your company’s unique requirements.


ETS can provide references from Financial Services, Health, Transportation, Government and other companies and institutions where similar Remote DBA Services have been and are successfully used.