We are experts in Oracle cloud infrastructure.

ETS will enable your company to gain efficiency, reduce costs and preserve investments in Oracle products and applications.

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Many companies have invested heavily in Oracle products and customized applications that run on high cost and high maintenance legacy infrastructure. Moving the Oracle applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can increase efficiency and lower costs. This will enable a better return on investment.

Consolidating databases and migrating to the cloud can help increase business agility while preserving investments in Oracle applications. ETS can enable reducing cost by enable database backups into OCI, as well as providing Disaster Recover (DR) environments to support your business.

ETS provides three Oracle Cloud services:

  • OCI Managed Services

  • OCI Migration

  • OCI Database backup and DR

OCI Managed Services

Our team can provide operational efficiency for your cloud workloads. We can improve security and compliance by detailed reporting on workload usage. ETS can provide predictable managed costs. ETS provides:

  • a 24/7 help desk support

  • single point of contact

  • monthly patching and upgrade support

  • user training

OCI Migration

Migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure leads to increased flexibility, reliability, security and performance. You can you can achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by using either a Bring Your Own License model, or using the Cloud Service model. ETS can help your company either rehost (lift and shift), replatform (Lift, Tinker and Shift) or refactor (change architecture) your existing Oracle workloads.

ETS uses a five-step process to migrate your existing applications to the cloud:

  • Migration Preparation and Business planning.

  • Portfolio Discovery and planning.

  • Detailed Design.

  • Migration and Validation.

  • Operate and Optimize.

ETS is uniquely positioned to help you get the most from Oracle Cloud based upon our:

  • Oracle Certified Experts (digital transformation team)

  • Extensive on-premise Oracle knowledge

  • Oracle partnership

OCI database backup and DR

ETS provides a database backup service using OCI to provide a safe and secure backup for your company’s valuable data.

This service has the following key features:

  • Allows point in time recovery utilises all backups available

  • Does away with on-premise legacy storage and tapes, providing cost savings (storage/tape libraries/tapes)

  • Backups can be tested as often as required

  • Incremental for ever (one full backup then incrementals for ever)

ETS can also provide database disaster recovery environments typically at much lower costs than their on-premise equivalent.

The key features of this service are:

  • Server/compute requirements are taken care of – no OS patching required

  • Reduce the database license costs (lowering DR compute requirements)

  • Reduce DR maintenance costs by automated patching

Key Business Benefit

  • Increased business agility – Companies can easily create new environments via automation to test new features, or rollout a new product.

  • Reduced cost and modernized applications – Migrating to OCI can enable cost savings on legacy infrastructure, and provide longevity to existing applications.

  • Reduced capital costs – Migration to OCI does away with large Capex expenditure, allowing for more consistent monitored costs.

Service Deliverables

The ETS services deliver the following:

  • Consistent excellent customer experience

  • Customer focus on right-sizing and cost optimization

  • Weekly/Monthly targeted spend reports

Customer References

ETS can provide references from Financial Services, Health, Transportation and Government companies and institutions where similar Architectural services have been successfully used.