Oracle Database Security Assessment (ETSDB@Sec)

Data is the new currency.

Organizations worldwide are experiencing the impact of data breaches at an unprecedented rate. It seems like every day brings a news story about a service provider losing subscribers’ personal information, an employer losing employee HR records, or a government contractor losing sensitive intellectual property. Data is the new currency, and bad actors are often able to leverage stolen data for financial or political advantage for years after a breach has occurred.

With the proliferation of data and legislation that requires the protection of personal data, it has become clear that knowing where sensitive data is stored is the first step in protecting it.

Using a combination of Oracle best practices and database tools, a security assessment will be made that identifies sensitive data stored in your databases.

Using the output provided from the assessment tools, a list of issues are created that identify risk levels (high, medium, low). The report includes recommendations on how to mitigate these risks.

This report can also be input in Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Firewall to define policies in these products.

The service covers on-site and cloud Oracle Databases, on any platform (oracle hardware and/or non-oracle hardware).

ETS has certified Database experts to deliver this service. ETS delivers onsite and remote cloud, database and infrastructure services. Our highly skilled team has extensive experience in delivering high-quality services to key SME and large Enterprises.

Key Features

  • Database Security assessment that identifies sensitive data

  • Recommendations on how to protect sensitive data

  • Adheres to standards set by POPIA, EU GDPR, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA

  • All work performed fully documented


  • Detailed report on risk levels and how to address them

  • The report can be loaded into Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall to define policies

  • Access to certified database experts