Oracle Database Appliance (ETSODA@Upgrade)

The Oracle Database Appliance is optimised for Oracle Database and is engineered and supported by Oracle.  In order to make use of a stable and supported environment it is best practice to keep the ODA updated with the most recent patches and firmware provided by Oracle. 

With the latest ODA firmware version 19.9 and up, Oracle has transitioned from OVM (de-supported) to KVM.  This is in line with the transition Oracle has done for OCI (cloud) and Exadata X8M and brings the ODA in line with Oracle Cloud technology.  (aligns ODA virtualization technology with OCI) 

ETSODA@Upgrade has 3 packages offerings:

Standard  / OVM to KVM  

  • Planning, Assessment 

  • Reimage of bare metal or virtualized ODA to 19.11  

  • Excludes DB and Application upgrade and, or migrate 

Advanced  / Upgrade level 1 

  • Planning, Assessment 

  • Patch bare metal ODA to 19.11 for one iteration  (supported 19.7  / 19.8 / 19.9 / 19.10) 

Expert  / Upgrade level 2 

  • Planning, Assessment 

  • Patch bare metal ODA to 19.11 from legacy releases older than 19.7 

ETS has certified ODA experts to deliver these services. 

Please contact us to organise a free workshop to determine the best fit upgrade path.   This workshop includes verifying the current ODA firmware versions, supported Oracle Database, Oracle Homes and Oracle Grid versions in a “what-works-with what” scenario 

Key Features

  • Integrated KVM support with CLI (command line) and BUI (browser interface) 

  • Applications in KVM virtual machines with bare-metal database (one ODA image) 

  • CPU Quality of Service with two types of CPU pools (Bare metal CPU pool for Database and VM CPU pool for application VMs) – eliminate “noisy-neighbour 

  • Integrated oracle Data Guard and Clone Data Guard standby 

  • Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture on ODA 

  • Support Hard Partitioning for Oracle Database Licenses 

  • Supported on all ODA Models (HA and single node) 

  • Integrated Backup (including cloud) 

  • ORAchk to help identify risks 

  • Database Homes on Oracle ACFS (v19.11) 


  • Reduced TCO 

  • Simpler Administration

  • Enjoy the benefits of the new virtualization technology 

  • Reduced risk 

  • FIPS 140-2 Compliance (v19.11) 

  • Support for Adaptive Classification and Redaction (ACR)