We are experts in AWS cloud infrastructure.

ETS are experts in AWS cloud infrastructure, and we use our skills for managing, automating and monitoring our client’s environments.

As a certified member of Amazon Web Services Partner Network, ETS delivers end-to-end AWS-related services to its customers, covering AWS administration and troubleshooting, AWS infrastructure monitoring, AWS usage optimization and migrations to AWS.

ETS provides three pillars of AWS services:

  • AWS Cloud Architecture

  • AWS Cloud Migration

  • AWS Cloud Management and cost optimisation

AWS Cloud Architecture

Our team can provide AWS Architecture and execution knowledge on PaaS, IaaS and Hybrid models. We can take a deep dive into your infrastructure’s architecture and highlight potential challenges that might be experienced with a cloud migration. We can plan and design the appropriate AWS architecture to meet your current and future needs. This includes legacy and cloud native implementations. ETS can enable:

  • A scalable and stable architecture

  • Future proof the design implementation.

AWS Cloud Migration

The process of migrating existing applications to cloud is complex and often involves key stakeholders from all parts of your organization. It is therefore important to spend time consulting and collaborating with all teams.

ETS uses a five-step process to migrate your existing applications to the cloud:

  • Migration Preparation and Business planning.

  • Portfolio Discovery and planning.

  • Detailed Design.

  • Operate and Optimize.

AWS Cloud Management and cost optimisation

You don’t want your production environment to go down at the worst possible time. Leverage our Managed AWS Cloud service, which provides comprehensive management and monitoring of your AWS cloud infrastructure, so you and your team can focus on growing your business and creating new products and services for your customers.

ETS will ensure:

  • Your AWS account conforms to best cloud security practices

  • Your systems are always monitored 24/7/365

  • Provide feedback on better cost optimization

AWS Cloud costs steadily rise over time, without clear gains in performance, flexibility, or user experience. ETS will provide clear insight into AWS costs, to enable constant monitor and strategic cost reduction.

Key Features

The key features of the three pillars of ETS services are:

  • The Principle engineer assigned has extensive previous experience

  • The complete environment is taken into consideration

      • Physical requirements (Data centre floor space, power, cooling)
      • Network configurations
      • Storage layout configurations
      • Oracle database grid infrastructure and virtual IP configurations
      • Configurations for backups
      • Virtualization (storage, network, operating system)
  • Cost optimization is a priority

  • High Availability considerations

  • Disaster Recovery considerations

  • Backup and Recovery considerations

Key Business Benefit

  • ETS seeks to tactically reduce cloud operational costs at all times.

  • ETS will enable businesses to leverage new technologies.

  • ETS will provide advice and insight into cloud invoicing and spend analysis

Service Deliverables

The ETS services deliver the following:

  • Experienced Certified ETS Engineers

  • Consistent excellent customer experience

  • Customer focus on right-sizing and cost optimisation

Customer References

ETS can provide references from Financial Services, Health, Transportation and Government companies and institutions where similar Architectural services have been successfully used.