Why ETS SE2-DR ?

ETS SE2-HADR is an Enterprise class solution to solve the challenges around Oracle’s Standard Edition 2. It delivers High Availability functionality at the primary datacentre and Disaster Recovery functionality at the secondary datacentre.

ETS SE2-HADR works with Oracle version 11gR2 up to and including 19c. It can work with legacy Standard Edition licences as well as modern Standard Edition 2 licences. As Oracle version 19c now prohibits using RAC with Standard Edition 2, ETS SE2-HADR fills the gap in providing High Availability.

High Availability at the Primary site can be fully automated to provide high speed fail over for the database. This provides the highest possible uptime for your Business Applications, by utilising ETS SE2-HADR.

ETS SE2-HADR is designed from the ground up to provide synchronisation of a production database with a standby. The standby database can be used for other important roles, such as a reporting database, patch testing database or Business Intelligence database.

Five Key Features of ETS SE2-HADR

  • Build from the ground up to support Standard Edition 2
  • More cost effective solution compared to other products
  • Automated HA failover and DR synchronisation
  • Low DBA maintence
  • Customisable to customer RTO/RPO needs

ETS SE2-HADR is a proven product, supported by an expert ETS support team, utilising a 24/7 Help Desk.

Less Administration, more Uptime

ETS SE2-HADR is a fully featured and configurable High Availability and Disaster Recovery solution to provide the right RTO & RPO for your business.

Technical Specifications

Supported Database versions

  • 11gR2 to 19c

Oracle Editions

  • Oracle Standard Edition
  • Oracle Standard Edition 1
  • Oracle Standard Edition 2


  • v4.2